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Disc Arthroplasty Essay

Degenerative circle malady have been an issue for some individuals as this infection realizes low back agony that appears to incapacitate the working power,  the center adulthood populace (Smeltzer, 2004). In addition to the fact that it brings debilitated personal satisfaction to the individuals who experience the ill effects of it, yet Arvind Kulkarni adds enormous medicinal services costs to the rundown of issues realized by this malady as found in his article entitled Prosthetic Lumbar plate swap for degenerative circle ailment. Spinal combination, which is the clinical administration for degenerative plate ailment, has been scrutinized by a few specialists in the training because of its untoward impacts in the patient’s in general recuperation and lifetime improvement. Pro in the field, Christoph Siepe, distinguished these undesirable impacts as quickened nearby framework degeneration, pseudarthrosis, spinal channel stenosis, and benefactor site bleakness. Nearby fragment degeneration, as referenced by Peter Ullrich in his article entitled Fusion versus Artificial Disk Arthroplasty for Lumbar Degenerative Disk Disease, expressed this is the significant inconvenience of spinal combination and the motivation behind why most specialists need this methodology supplanted. Adjoining portion degeneration or ASD happens when mechanical pressure is moved to the contiguous fragment, likewise referenced by Peter Ullrich. In any case, research indicated that this system can be adjusted to show progressively positive outcomes. A front lumbar interbody combination demonstrated a low event of amendment medical procedure required, which implied low recurrence of adjoining fragment degeneration, all called attention to in Mr. Ullrich’s paper.â However, to accomplish this result, Mr. Ullrich pronounced that there ought to be an improvement in tolerant choice and in the method. The patients ought to be those patients having degenerative plate ailment in their fifth lumbar to first sacral fragment, in light of the fact that there is negligible movement at this level. Thusly, he expresses that melding these fragments don't change the patient’s versatility so much.  But not all are fulfilled of this outcome. Specialists and authorities are persistently putting forth attempts to thoroughly changing the essential clinical administration for degenerative circle maladies. Studies have been led, and a few substitution methods were affirmed by the FDA. Diminish Ullrich expressed in his paper that the all out circle trade method was endorsed for clinical use by the FDA in the year 2004 utilizing the Charite counterfeit plate yet for just one degree of the spinal vertebrae, being the L4 †L5 or the L5 †S1. This isn't the first occasion when that an aggregate or halfway circle substitution was finished. The historical backdrop of this method was referenced in an article in a site by Spine-Health that plate core substitution was done first in 1955 by David Cleveland by infusing methyl-acrylic. Since the time at that point, there have two other FDA affirmed items beside the Charite, the site Spine-Health expresses that the Prodisc was endorsed on August 2006 and the Kineflex lumbar on June 2005.  â â â â â â â â â â An all out circle substitution is being depicted by Jose Reyna in his article, Advances in Artificial Disk Technology, as being made out of two bits of plates made of metal that has teeth to have the option to connect itself to the end plates of the vertebral bones above and beneath it. This implies the specific intervertebral plate that is causing torment must be evacuated and supplanted by a fake circle. A few fake plates have been created by different makers in the nation and they just vary in structure and piece. The Charite, as referenced prior, is comprised of a remarkable sliding center with two metal composite end plates. The Prodisc being founded on circular explanations is comprised of cobalt chromium molybdenum composite as expressed in the site Spine-Health. Creators Qi-Bin Bao and Paul Higham built up a hydrogel prosthetic core comprised of PVA powder and a dissolvable combined, as observed on the article, Hydrogel intervertebral circle core with reduced sidelong protruding. The absolute plate substitution method has its focal points and disservices. Significantly after certain models being endorsed by the FDA, it is as yet being surveyed altogether by experts in the field. Charles Rosen and Douglas Kiester report poor outcomes and confusions in the absolute circle substitution method. As it was referenced in their examination, this methodology causes breaks, serious agony, disengagements, expulsion of the embed, aspect joint degeneration, and unexplained radiculopathy. They ascribe these inadequate outcomes to the way that the focal point of revolution of fragmented movement is wrong. Jose Reyna Jr. additionally makes reference to a few disservices of the method in his examination, expressing that the foremost way to deal with the medical procedure can make injury the aorta and the normal iliac vessels, can cause retrograde discharge in men by harming the predominant hypogastric plexus, drain can result from the retroperitoneal approach, and contamination can happen. Be that as it may, he likewise expressed a few focal points, as this strategy is said to keep up scope of movement in greater part of the patients as a drawn out result. There are still a great deal of studies to be led, and patients to be investigated. A multi year study directed by Christoph Siepe et al., entitled Clinical Results of Total Lumbar Disk Replacement With ProDisc II: Three-Year Results for Different Indications, expected to evaluate absolute circle substitution result in patients who really experienced the activity. Their outcomes demonstrated that not all degenerative plate illnesses can be treated with this clinical administration. The best result was found in patients displaying degenerative plate ailment condition in addition to delicate circle herniation or core pulposus prolapse. Result was estimated against the patient’s improvement from their preoperative levels. There were mediocre outcomes from the patients who had bisegmental harms, and a higher complexity rate. Likewise it was referenced that the more youthful patients, all the more explicitly those matured beneath forty displayed preferred result over those more established than forty. Innovation like this is as yet being created, contemplated and adjusted right now. What is significant is that there are individuals out there who care and who attempt to have any kind of effect, regardless of whether it is by concocting, censuring or being the trial individual wherein these new gadgets will be made a reality. References Charles Rosen, Douglas Kiester, Thay Q. Lee: The Potential Biomechanical Etiology for Lumbar Disk Replacement Failures: Review of 24 Patients and the Rationale for Revision . The Internet Journal of Minimally Invasive Spinal Technology. 2007. Volume 1 Number 2. Medscape. (2002). Advance in Artificial Disk Technology. Recovered January 22, 2008 from Medscape. (2002). Clinical Results of Total Lumbar Disk Replacement With ProDisc II: Three-Year Results for Different Indications. Recovered January 22, 2008 from Nervous system science India. (2005). Prosthetic Lumbar circle trade for degenerative plate ailment. Recovered January 22, 2008 from;year=2005;volume=53;issue=4;spage=499;epage=505;aulast=Kulkarni Neurospine. (no showed year). Combination versus Artificial Disk Arthroplasty for Lumbar Degenerative Disk Disease. Recovered January 22, 2008 from Patent Storm. (1996). Hydrogel intervertebral circle core with lessened horizontal swelling. Recovered January 22, 2008 from Smeltzer, S. furthermore, Bare, B. (2004). Clinical Surgical Nursing. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Spine-Health. (1997-2007). Lumbar counterfeit plate medical procedure for ceaseless back torment. Recovered January 22, 2008 from

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Relative Rates of Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions Lab Report - 1

Relative Rates of Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions - Lab Report Example In SN2 systems, essential alkyl halides responded quicker than tertiary ones while in SN1 component the tertiary alkyl halides responded quicker than essential ones. It was reasoned that aprotic, polar solvents supported SN2 responses while SN1 responses were supported by protic, polar solvents. Nucleophilic replacement responses happen by two significant pathways to be specific SN1 and the SN2 responses (McMurry 228). In all nucleophilic replacement responses, the nucleophile (Nu:- ) responds with the substrate (R-X) and substitutes it for a leaving gathering (X:- ) yielding the item R-Nu. For an impartial nucleophile (Nu:), the item is emphatically charged for charge protection while for a contrarily charged nucleophile (Nu:- ), the item is unbiased (McMurry 228). In SN2, which represents replacement nucleophilic bimolecular, the alkyl halide and the nucleophile are included at the change state (Carey 306). Bond development among carbon and the nucleophile helps in cleavage of the bond among carbon and the leaving gathering. In the changeover position, the carbon iota is mostly clung to the leaving gathering and the approaching nucleophile (Carey 307). Since the nucleophile assaults the substrate from the side that is inverse the attach to the leaving gathering, the instrument prompts the reversal of setup in the resultant item. Various rates are seen when methyl, essential, auxiliary and tertiary alkyl halides experience nucleophilic replacement in SN2 (Carey 310). The rate is quicker in methyl halides than in tertiary halides due to steric impediment offered to the nucleophilic assault by the tertiary halides. In most SN2 responses, the leaving bunch is removed with a negative charge. In this manner, the best leaving bunches are those that produce the most corrals anions (McMurry 233). Among the halides, I-particle is the most responsive while F-particle is the least receptive. Most aprotic polar solvents cause the solvation of the metal counterion that is

Caja Mediterrneo Bank Insolvency Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Caja Mediterrneo Bank Insolvency - Case Study Example The trademark Caja Mediterrã ¡neo began being utilized in 2007. At first the bank utilized the trademark Caja de Ahorros de Alicante y Murcia. A portion of the organizations assimilated to shape CAM incorporate Caja de Ahorros de Torrent, which had been framed in 1906, and Caja de Ahorros Provincial de Alicante y Valencia which was invested in 1991 (‘Caja Mediterraneo and Accenture Deploy Alnova Core Banking Platform’ 2010, Web). By 1975, a few different establishments had joined to shape the present CAM. Such organizations included Caja Rural de Ahorros y Prã ©stamos del Sindicato Catã ³lico Agrã ­cola de Yecla, Monte de Piedad y Caja de Ahorros de Alcoy, Caja de Ahorro y Monte de Piedad de Yecla, Caja de Ahorros de Nuestra Seã ±ora de los Dolores in Crevillent, Caja de Ahorro y Monte de Piedad de Elche, Caja de Ahorros de Novelda, Caja de Ahorros de Nuestra Seã ±ora de Monserrate, Caja de Ahorros del Sureste de Espaã ±a, Caja de Ahorro y Monte de Piedad de Alica nte, and Caja de Ahorro y Monte de Piedad de Jumilla. Others incorporate Caja de Ahorro y Monte de Piedad de Murcia, Caja de Ahorro y Monte de Piedad de Cartagena, and Caja Rural de Ahorros y Prã ©stamos del Sindicato Catã ³lico Agrã ­cola de El Progreso (‘Spain's national bank favors merger of Caja Madrid’ 2010, Web; manta 2012, Web). By December 2007, CAM Bank was viewed as the fourth biggest Spanish reserve funds Bank. The positioning depended on client credits and stores. Additionally, the Bank was positioned the third bigger in term of piece of the overall industry and the quantity of office openings. The bank started in Murcia and Alicante regions and offered banking administrations across Spain. With a system of around 1,100 workplaces, the bank utilized around 7,100 laborers and served more than 3, 300, 000 customers. CAM was for the most part engaged with retail banking. The clients included Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and people. Also, the bank was engaged with the arrangement of administrations, for example, protection just as resource the board (Anon 2011, Web).

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My special person essay :: essays research papers

MY SPECIAL PERSON â€Å"When I entered the study hall, for the absolute last time, I glanced around at each and every detail, a large number of which I’d most likely overlooked, for as long as four years. Flying creatures were singing in a synchronized tune as they flew past our homeroom window. There was the regular fragrance of new espresso originating from the teacher’s relax nearby. My cohorts were sitting at their typical work area trusting that the main exercise will start. Be that as it may, something was distinctive today, something wasn’t right. Also, as I entered the study hall it hit me, similar to a concealed rocket made a beeline for my heart†¦ †¦ The quietness. Everyone's eyes were on me, some gave a sorry-you’re-leaving-grin, while others looked enjoyed they were going to hop off the closest window. These were my companions, an extraordinary old companions obviously, they felt like family, I grew up with these individuals and at that point as I gazed into every one of their eyes I understood something, something which had consistently been gazing back at me, these individuals were unique. Each and everybody had something that made them one of a kind and as they stayed there sparkling like a thousand stars, one of them sparkled the most splendid. Her long velvety hair secured half of her face, however I knew she’d been crying, he chestnut shaded eyes attempted to abstain from meeting mine yet when we exchanged looks, I have her a thoughtful grin and she gave back in kind. The remainder of that day was loaded with tears, embraces, an unexpected gathering, games presents and farewells. That day will remain with me until the end of time. Anyway I am happy to state that wasn’t the last time I saw my companions and I’m much increasingly happy to state that wasn’t the last time I saw my closest companion. Its interesting how two individuals, who are associated, become significantly nearer when they’re separated. Luckily Ginevra stayed with me in London twice from that point onward, yet I returned to see her in my old neighborhood consistently. As the years past, and as we developed, our fellowship developed more grounded, similar to an ever-developing tree, sending it’s roots further and more profound into the ground. Consistently she would hang tight for me with great enthusiasm. A few people get exhausted with long far off fellowship, however not her, she would consistently stay by me and never let me down. At the point when I lived in Italy for every one of those nine years I never had the benefit to have any siblings or sisters so I thought about her as my own fragile living creature and blood.

Launch Team How to Build and Manage a Book Launch Team

Dispatch Team How to Build and Manage a Book Launch Team The most effective method to Build and Manage Your Book Launch Team With regards to propelling a top of the line book on Amazon, the greatest influence a writer can put resources into is building a heavenly book dispatch team.Your dispatch group will get a prompt riser duplicate of the book, read through it, and compose a genuine audit to be posted when the book is live.But a dispatch group can be considerably more powerful in different manners too that we will take a gander at in this post.In this post, I will walk you through the means for building, controlling and dealing with your book road group. On the off chance that you follow this framework, you will put resources into the most basic piece of your book dispatch, setting your book up for the drawn out progress it deserves.What is a Book Launch Team?Your dispatch group, otherwise called a road group, is a gathering of individuals who are going to set you up for progress when your book dispatches. They could be fanatics of your past work, perusers of your blog, companions who need to help you, or the individuals in your genius gathering. Also, in a perfect world, a blend of the entirety of the above.The dispatch group massively affects, the achievement of your book dispatch as well as, the drawn out accomplishment of the book. They are a gathering of individuals who are enthusiastic about your book, your image, and they need you to prevail as much as you do.Your work, as the writer of the book, is to direct your group to make a move both before the book is propelled and afterward during the dispatch window. For what reason do you need a book dispatch team?Launch colleagues will assist you with getting surveys during the dispatch and, help you to share the book dispatch just as get downloads for your book. In the event that you have a powerless dispatch, you have frail book deals and you’ll be everlastingly battling to drive traffic towards your book.Your dispatch group will peruse the book before any other individual and set up a legit survey of the work to be post ed during dispatch week. Amazon favors books with audit action. The more Amazon surveys you can get posted, your book climbs the rankings quicker and gets advanced by Amazon under the â€Å"books you additionally may like† section.Reviews likewise increment book deals. On the off chance that you figure out how to get 20-30 surveys in the main week, this would make genuine force for your book rankings. It is the best social confirmation that your book is getting perused and individuals are looking into the substance. The primary concern: Reviews persuade programs to purchase. Amazon will rank your book higher too if there is movement taking place.Building Your Team: Where do I recruit?The question that I regularly get is, â€Å"Where do I discover individuals to join my team?† This is a test on the off chance that you don’t have a lot of a  following and have never propelled a book. Let’s accept this is your first book dispatch and you are searching for individuals to join your dispatch group. Where do we start to manufacture? Who can we ask?Here are a couple of proposals for building a book dispatch team:Make a rundown of 20-30 individuals you can contact directly.These can be business contacts, online connections, or endorsers of your email list. This rundown capacities as your center group, what I call your level 1 dispatch group. They are the most dedicated to your dispatch. Maybe they joined a past dispatch you had and now they need to pursue this one as well.Post to your Facebook/Social Media Platforms/Mastermind Groups.This is the place you can assemble a great deal of your level 2 dispatch colleagues. On the off chance that you are going for a huge dispatch group, this would be the following stage. On the off chance that you need to keep it increasingly close to home and breaking point the quantity of individuals, simply finish the initial step and leave it at that.Keep at the top of the priority list, with your level 2 dis patch group, you could go anyplace from 20-200 individuals join. The explanation we consider it a level 2 gathering is, a large number of the individuals joining may not know you by and by, yet they have an enthusiasm for your book. Be that as it may, the inquiry is, the manner by which submitted are they to following through?It is only a reality that not every person in your group will finish. Possibly they didn’t like the book, they had no opportunity to understand it, or, they were questionable what to do during the dispatch. There is the likelihood that they won’t leave an audit for whatever reasons. This is the reason we must be clear with our dispatch group as to:What moves to takeWhen to make it, and;How to execute the activity planThe best you can do is energize individuals all through the dispatch and keep the weight energy turned on. This is the place group impetuses and offering some incentive will convey at long last. At the point when individuals feel as t hough they are a piece of something significant, they are bound to follow through.Team Incentives: What to offer?This is the piece of the procedure in dispatch assembling that you can truly have any kind of effect to the quality of your group. By adding motivators to what you can give your group, you will expand the dedication of your team.Decide what you will provide for your group to offer quality impetuses that causes them to feel a piece of the team.What would you be able to offer a jump start team?Check out Kevin Kruse’s present â€Å"Sample greeting on fabricate a dispatch team.† In this challenge to join his road group, Kevin presented a heap of motivators to the dispatch group when he distributed 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. A portion of these advantages included enrollment into a Mastermind Group on Facebook and a selective â€Å"ask me anything† online class before the launch.Likewise Michael Hyatt, when he propelled Living Forward, offered dispatch individuals a restrictive investigate how the book dispatch was organized just as access to a unique 30-minute gathering telephone meeting with him preceding propelling the book. Along these lines, what you can offer your dispatch group is:The computerized variant of the book route before any other individual sees it. This can be in PDF or Mobi document. For making a PDF or mobi record of the book, look at the free bore software.A free printed version of the book conveyed right to your door.A free online class or a facebook Live QA meeting: you can draw near and individual with your group by facilitating a live online class where you talk about the book, get into in the background methodologies of the dispatch, and offer inside strategies that no one else can get.Exclusive access to a private Facebook gathering. Here you can post recordings, share posts, and talk with your group progressively as they get amped up for the launchFree preparing recordings depe ndent on the substance of your bookAdditional complimentary gifts that you need to impart to your team.An advance duplicate of an exercise manual that you will offer subscribersEarly access to course material that won’t be accessible until the book is launched.The objective is to give your group a great deal of significant worth so they realize they are a piece of something significant. This will build the degree of duty you will get from individuals perusing and advancing the book during dispatch week.Building a Quality Launch TeamWhen it comes to dispatch colleagues joining your group, it isn’t about the numbers. It is the nature of the group. It is greatly improved to have 40 individuals who are submitted than 200 that simply join and don’t do anything. You need your group to be included and make a move. In this way, how would you assemble a quality road group completely dedicated to propelling your book to hit status?Here are four methodologies for building a quality jump start team:Reach out to individuals by and by. By reaching individuals you know on an individual premise you can get a strong responsibility from that individual with an individual email.Create an application structure process. This makes a hindrance to section. The individuals who are not kidding players will round out and submit. You can look at an application structure format directly here. In the application procedure you let the potential part realize what is normal and what they will be answerable for. The application procedure makes responsibility and elite access to the dispatch group material.Invite individuals who you have worked with and trust, for example, podcasters, bloggers and influencers, to assist you with the launch.Create a group of submitted commentators and advertisers to set the dispatch ablaze when it takes off.How to Manage Launch Team ExpectationsThis is the point at which you are direct with the dispatch group about what is not out of the or dinary during the dispatch. What activities would you say you are requesting that they do? On what days will they take these activities? What is in question the extent that the accomplishment of the book is concerned.Remember: The achievement of your dispatch plan is basic, and the dispatch group is the exceptionally significant segment to making it happen.Expectations ought to be clarified from the earliest starting point. At the point when you set up a post for timely riser perusers, let them realize that making a move is an unquestionable requirement. This is the enormous ask and what you will anticipate from the group on the off chance that they are chosen to join your launch.Here is the thing that you could ask of your dispatch team:Read the book before the dispatch day. Give criticism in the event that they get on, for example, designing issues, incorrect spellings, etc†¦Write up a legit survey of the book and post it during dispatch week.Share expression of the dispatch through your social stages, referencing the book in a week after week blog entry, and beginning a conversation about the book in talk gatherings. This could likewise incorporate tweets, Facebook posts, or post the spread to Pinterest and Instagram.Share special thoughts inside the dispatch gathering. This is the place a Facebook Group would come in. Individuals can without much of a stretch post thoughts and trade procedures for advancing the book.Take a photograph of you holding up a duplicate of the soft cover. This would necessitate that the soft cover be prepared ahead of time to send to choose colleagues so they have the opportunity to snap the picture before launch.Provide your group with a rundown of move procedures they can make during dispatch week. Let them pick what techniques they like and fits into their calendar. You can empower the group by including a focuses system.The individuals who make a move and complete each special methodology win various focuses. This could prompt accepting significantly more freebies.Launc

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The World Today Environmental Health and Water Quality - 275 Words

The World Today: Environmental Health and Water Quality (Essay Sample) Content: Environmental Health and Water QualityStudentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s NameInstitutionEnvironmental Health and Water QualityIn the world today, the issue of water reliability has been the main topic of discussion internationally; this is because water resources have been exploited extensively through anthropogenic activities. The life of human beings cannot be imagined without water, therefore, water is very essential to them, and this is not only because of the use of water for consumption but for other essential fields for the humans, such as agriculture, and industrialization. The use of water for purposes such as agriculture and industrial, are excessively impure to be recycled for re-use in consumption, this means that the wide use of water in such fields has led to the deterioration of both the quality and the quantity of water worldwide. Therefore, the bottom-line means that due to the excessive use of water in such activities leads to the scarcity of the resource, and henc e, there must be a solution or suggestions to help tackle such an international matter. This has led to various countries, including US to come up with strategic ideas and decisions to help give direction in helping to solve such an issue, hence the proposed used of treated wastewater. All states in the US do value water quality despite the disparity in water supply and quantity.First, it is important to point out that the health of the human beings is in one way or the other, connected to the quality of water they consume. Water pollution is one of the environmental current issues, as most of the nations have their citizens suffering from infections brought about by drinking contaminated water; these infections include cholera, typhoid, E. coli, and many others. This means that the health of the US citizens would be under great threat if at all the quality of the water was that low. The reason as to why nowadays it is rare to hear of infections caused by consuming contaminated wate r is that the water is treated regularly. According to CITATION Bar05 \l 1033 (Bartram, 2005), nowadays it is difficult to find people use water in its natural state; it has to undergo some sort of treatment before being consumed by the people. For the protection of the health of the people, it calls for special treatment of water, where it undergoes several processes before it has availed for consumption to the people.Treatment and purification of water has been ease by the rapidly growing technology, due to this water can be treated through various processes that would ensure its natural purity. Achievement of naturally pure water is not as easy due to the current environmental problem that are related to the issue of water purity, the industries and agriculture have all contributed to the pollution of water. Therefore, to avoid further pollution of the natural water, there has been a suggesting of treating wastewater and using it in some areas, to save and improve water supply C ITATION Use98 \l 1033 (Use of reclaimed water in municipal drinking-water supplies. Journal of Environmental Health, 1998). Therefore, this would mean that each state, country, or nation may have different standards of water in terms of its quality but all of them are aiming at providing their citizens with clean and healthy water that would be good for their health.At this point globally, it would be sincere to state that water scarcity is the major problem to nearly all the nations, and it may be difficult to ensure a steady supply of pure and clean water to the people. This means that the states and nations may find it costly to supply quality water to their citizens, due to pollution, and hence they have to ensure safety of water to be drunk. Therefore, the states with larger reservoirs for natural water and clean may spend less to the treatment as compared to the states with higher rate of pollution. This would mean that the states that are have lower supply of water due to th e issue of pollution, will have to use more monetary resources in ensuring that there is adequate treatment of the wastewater, to increase the quantity of water for supply to its people. Such states may face many challenges because of the fact that they have scarce water; however, they have the responsibility of supplying clean water for consumption to their citizens. The other states with higher quantity of water supply may...

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Cause and Effect Essay on Technology

Cause and Effect Essay on Technology Technology has been part of mans development since the first man took up a dried husk to scoop up water. Over the millenniums technology developed from using stones as rudimentary tools to such developments as sending men to the moon, or probes into our galaxy and beyond. The debate has long raged as to whether technology is the cause or the effect of situations. Water technology, which is vital to mans existence, is an example that mans need drives technology. Early man simply lived beside Lakes Rivers or streams. Their numbers were small and the supply immense renewed every rainy season. In Egypt, the Nile flooded every year depositing silt. However, to grow crops it was necessary to develop technology. This was the cause or reason for their effort. They had this fertile soil, a mighty river of fresh water, but to farm they needed to bring water from the river to the fields. They soon developed a system of canals, and buckets mounted on frames to lift water from the river into the canals. The effects were staggering. Not only did they feed themselves, soon they became the breadbasket of the known world. This had further effect in that it caused businesses to develop, trade in many imports and wealth to pay for it. Finally, it paid for further technological development in areas such as military power. In Europe as populations grew and formed towns water supply was a critical issue. The need for water began to drive technological development. Most these towns started next to a water supply, but as numbers grew, there was not enough. An example was Rome. The city was built on the Tiber River, which met the need. However, as the city grew the Tiber was not sufficient. Distances from the river grew, and pollution from human waste contaminated it. Technology was called for to solve the problem. Roman engineers came up with technology to solve it. Aqueducts were built running from the mountains where there was abundant fresh water. Pumps were designed to lift water, and to push it. Soon Rome was fed with clean water via these aqueducts, some of which survive until today. The effects were many. First, the city could grow unhindered by water restrictions. Rome became the centre of a 1000-year empire, had flush toilets, running water for baths, and fountains throughout the city. After the empire collapsed, it was for the next 1000 years the centre of religious and political power in Europe. In the colonization of the United States the small villages, who drew water from the river they were built beside began to grow. One of the reasons was the waves of new immigrants coming to settle. Villages grew to become towns and cities. Water was essential and new technologies were needed as mega cities emerged. Without water, New York or Los Angeles would not exist and without technology, there would be no water. There are 3.8 million people live in this desert like area and city. Their water comes from other states via aqueducts. The Hoover Dam was built on the Colorado River in Nevada, and water channeled from there to California. The Hoover dam was a technological miracle. Its effect is to supply the mega Californian city Los Angeles with water, and the powerful Californian economy. Without it, Los Angeles could not exist. Water technology is the cause that we have our great mega cities and their wonderful contributions to our societies. Tips for writing this cause and effect essay: To write a cause and effect essay, you need to select an event that resulted in various effects. Explain what the event was, and why it happened. You may need to narrow a broad topic. Do this by choosing a category that interests you. Do your research and once you have gathered your material analyze it. Divide it into two sections, the cause and effect. Create a simple thesis statement and the start by introducing the cause. Once you have clearly explained it, then start to explain the effects in a logical manner. Wrap it up with a simple summary of your points. Hire an essay writer online at and have your cause and effect paper written from scratch. High-quality custom essay writing with on-time delivery.